April autistic awareness month!

< So for me it's more try living in my house which last week was in crisis between meltdowns, school refusal, school arrogance and nightmares to hospital appointments and hypermobility research, honestly, I reached absolute frustration and needed my own time out !

But reality is parents of special kids don't get that option !

For Mother's Day I asked for time out ! I got chocolate and pestered whilst trying to have a wee!!!!

I love em !

Completely but a rest ooooo…….

Anyway I found this at about three in the morning when I had finally got one to calm down had a few hours sleep and the howlers needed feeding.


I think that’s where the eldest is at burnt out !

I feel for her I do she has so much going on but burn out for me means verbal abuse and a lot of gas lighting

it’s not just men I think asd/ADHD/PDA read the book on this !

It’s sad but when she hurts, it’s like she has to hurt those around her till they feel what she feels and she isn’t happy till she does 😦

If another person try’s to help, spouts off about how they can manage and leaves not knowing what to so saying no one should live like this again I may be guilty of gbh because I live like this !

This is reality !

I manage !

Not well all the time but I manage !

They are breathing after all 😉


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