We’re Cocktails of People

Lovely 🙂

silhouette scribbles

Everyone is a cocktail. cock That lady across the road who wears the floral scarf, she has a dry sense of humour and a wonderfully warm heart. She also suffers from anxiety and regularly has panic attacks when dealing with increasing amounts of stress.  

That teenager next door who wears his hood up, with a happy-go-lucky personality, he has psychotic episodes where he hears voices in his head and sees things which aren’t there, scary things, and he believes the world is against him. 

The girl with the bright smile who works at the chippy would not be safe to herself if she came off her medication as she’s either manic or suicidal with no stable in-between emotion.

The old man whose cats sit on the cluttered table, staring at you through the dirty windows, relies on several bottles of spirit to drag him through the week.

The passenger on the…

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