Questioning RAK at Easter

Twice a year, Christmas and Easter, We usually drop presents and thank you cards to the emergency services and hospital, it’s been a tradition in my house, something I use to look forward to, preparing for and doing with the kids.

But the last three times have been real torture.

Total disinterest from all three, a whole teenage angst thing, Kevin and perry all stropping around, why and I don’t want to’s !

So I cancelled it I also cancelled the celebration and rewards they get afterwards, which you would think they might notice but no the only person disappointed was me…

I suppose that that says it all really, it was about me encouraging them to be less selfish, and trying to show them being nice is a good thing and that RAK held on to the dream of most parents, creating children who are polite, kind, helpful by raising leading by example.

You can take horses to water you can not make them drink, you can’t make people care.

ADHD/asd is a very (in my opinion) self involved condition, and nurture doesn’t over ride nature even after 15 yrs of trying…

So I have stopped that event.

Weirdly I won’t miss it that much, the look of shock on the faces of crews when they receive a gift even those that have been there most years,
as it reminds me how selfish everyone is these days!

And in the end it was my selfish needs that drove the bus, I wanted to install kindness and be a good parent so was it really a RAK ?

Are any RAK really selfless?

I get a good feeling when I make or do something nice for people, so is it really about them or am I feeding a bizarro addiction to that good feeling, can that be classed as selfless if I get something in return even if that’s just emotion?

There’s a RAK ADVERT that shows reasons for RAK and it’s powerful story isn’t a bad one.

So is RAK selfish, or is that little reward of kindness and smile ok ?




  1. I’m with Ellershaw007 on this, if an act of kindness makes you feel bad surely it defeats the object as you’re not being king to yourself. Also teenagers are selfish I remember being totally selfish 😉 and it was only when I ‘grew up’ that I learn’t to balance my inherent selfishness with liking / enjoying being nice / helping others. You have given them a good grounding now you wait for the reward.

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