Hair today gone tomorrow


So this is where I am at….

Considering my options on a Sunday morning, about to visit the hair and beauty show, because it is in fact one of my creative passions to make others feel beautiful.

Deciding that I need to take many selfies of my own hair.

Weird I know.

But in two weeks, I am giving it all up to raise awareness and make a wig for a chemo patient with auto immune arthitis!

People who know me, know I love my hair !

They recognise the hair, and the various bright red shades, I have been sporting for years.

The red I see every morning makes me smile….

It makes me happy…

My hair dresser of the last six yrs will tell you, I love colour and it being styled.

Oddly enough I also hate and have not considered, a style without a fringe in twenty yrs or more !
(Not a huge fan of my forehead, lol)

So it’s a big deal for me…

I keep laughing it off….

But I am totally petrified

But why?

Why is hair such a huge deal to us, it’s not me just part of me, yet I can’t imagine being without it.

Which makes me realise just how hard it is for those who lose the choice.

Atleast mine will grow back in time and the negative Nannies who doubt my ability to cope or the reason I have chosen to do it, need not comment any more !

I have chosen to do it because I believe in raising awareness of auto immune arthritis.

I am passionate in showing people that this invisible illness is not about being old or just in the joints.

Arthritis effects the whole person and the treatments are unpleasant and it takes a mountain of courage to live with the daily pain, let alone the side effects of poisoning your body to stay well.

So help me raise awareness and funds for research so maybe future generations will have better options than ours !


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