Prudish v prudent!

All parents know this


Children are masters of manipulation and find new or interesting ways of achieving thing we wished they wouldn’t !

At present I am swimming upstream in a river of teenage agony, you know the mom hates me (cause she expects me to throw away my own rubbish) or all my friends have ( the best phones and unlimited contracts) but my personal favorite is the boy/girl issues.

It’s legal so therefore…..

Don’t get me wrong I agree it’s a girl or boys own body they want to have sex or intimate relations after 16, I. Can’t stop them, it’s not my choice, but it’s my home and my rules, that should be respected, I do not expect any less of myself than of them.

I am no prude.

It happens.


If it’s my job to watch out for my kids, I often see what they don’t, I guide them through and pick up the pieces when they ignore me !

Here is where it gets difficult,
I am open and honest about sex I enjoy it and think as past times go it’s a fun way to spend time.


I believe in caution and vetting ones playmate choices, no one likes sharing stds after all !

So with that in mind….

honestly I don’t agree to 16 yr olds having one night stands or starting sexual relationships after one date, because for a boy you become they player a dog and for a girl you become known as easy and a slut, your body becomes free to every single predatory ass known because as soon as the word spreads that your legs open faster than the speed of light, the pool you swim in becomes murky and full of people who only seek a single pleasure.

It’s a common mistake that
Movies/religion have placed an imagery that sex is love.

Vulnerable people believe this….

It’s not !

Reputation follows you and self image dissolves and the action repeats itself till In The end that girl will do anything to feel ‘loved’.

sex isn’t love it’s purely physical.

Love is about giving without expectation or demand, it’s about giving time, effort, thought and understanding. It’s about being there for those people emotionally!

So if as a parent I seem harsh when I don’t allow my young adult to sleep out, or invite newest interest over whenever they think it’s acceptable it’s not prudish it’s prudent !


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