Big fundraising pow wow

My chosen cause for fundraising this year is arthritis research uk, and all events in the 39 steps to 40 over the next yr will be targeted towards raising awareness, funds and maybe some personal growth.

I have been trying to set up a just giving page and although I thought myself techno savvy three attempts and not yet functioning :/

After giving up that for a while, I decided to contact the charity to request some support, not a huge deal for most folk but part of the steps.
My fiercely independent nature means I rarely ask for help but for personal growth I need to get over it.
So the call was made and I was introduced to a lovely lady called Emma, the leicestershire representative for my charity.

Who says strangers can’t be amazing, she was just the positive bouncy reinforcement I needed when I spoke to her on the phone, no matter how much self doubt and negative nannies words creep in I am sure she will be in my corner whoop whooping !!!!

This morning I have a big pow wow the first of a few, I hope! To discuss the kick start of my project
hair today gone tomorrow and all future runs, blogs and general craziness.

I am excited and nervous because this stranger and her cause, will be a large part of my life for the next twelve months. It’s important to me, this goes well, almost like a job interview.

And it’s a commitment to raising four grand :/

It may be a mere drop in the ocean in research funding but every drop in a puddle serves to allow it to ripple and grow šŸ™‚



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