Two days to go

Everyone I know keeps asking…

How are you feeling ?

I struggle to answer because quite honestly I think I had my panic or stress out a few weeks ago and I am committed to doing this so I don’t feel a lot of anything at the moment.

Maybe it’s because I have another thirty six challenges to do after this.

Or maybe I am blocking it all.

But I wrote in hair today gone tomorrow about how I felt before and although the love for my hair is still with me, I do think I have accepted the loss !

I honestly hope I still feel this way on Saturday afternoon !

Well enough to hold it together anyway!!!

Autoimmune diseases take away so many peoples ability to be mobile, it effects their eyes, their ability to eat, basically every aspect of their lives can be controlled by something they can’t see.

The standard treatment these days seems to be to pump the body full of poison and pain relief each coming with it’s own series of side effects.

So if my bit of hair makes anyone stand up and realise that chemo patients are autoimmune suffers of all ages it has done something !



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