Us v them

One of several school meetings today
My understanding is that no matter which school there’s a us v them attitude going on !


Trying to understand the logic of senior teachers –

1/ why belittle a parent or child, (if your that desperate for authority and power might I suggest running for local mp?)

2/ If you realise the parent actual knows the system and how it works don’t fob or fake information to appear to know. (find the intelligence to shut your mouth or apologise because a parent/child stops respecting your opinion the moment they hear a lie, learn to believe they also know your lying)

3/ If you don’t understand the law or the changes in the education system please don’t fob off any ‘concerns’ and repeat number one.

4/ if you wish to state that families are your partners then act appropriately, (understand that individualised care is aimed at doing the right things for an individual not a sheep)

5/ Any parent/child with additional need or not should be respected as a person. (They aren’t thick even if that the popular assumption)

That was not a rant, more an observation and a definite problem in understanding as to the behaviour seen in various school environments, it doesn’t however excuse very poor parent or child behaviours either.

Maybe if parents and schools really were considered as equals with different roles, the system would be smoother.

Who knows for now it seems schools v schools and schools v parents hasn’t changed no matter what the government dictate this week….

And apparently no one understands the new ehc format !!!

Looking forward to a day if training on it next week!


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