Starting ground

This year has been deemed a year to face or fight demons !

I have afew!!

I have been asked many times why now….

what’s it for….

Call it the midlife crisis !

But everyone questions where they are heading, reflecting mostly on past failures, our internal voices are often the largest destructive force when setting goals, because we do the job of every bully, abuser or negative person we ever met.

Best example – every new year millions of people make often empty promises to themselves to diet or get fit, start well but tell themselves they can’t or won’t, listen to their negative self talk.

I don’t like empty promises, I am a big believer in goal orientation to combat problems.

When I worked in child care we used smart targets in the planning for children. They are an effective tool for any project.


But all to often goals have been too big, ambiguous and take way too long for any feeling of reward, and I do like a bit of positive reinforcement too.

Odd fact being that most people hear between nine and twenty two negatives for every one positive.

Scary thought but a good case for self advocation.

A bit sexist as I am very sure men too like to reinvent themselves. I wouldn’t say I am reinventing more redirecting my focus.

But how can we do that?

One way is Nlp (neuro linguistic programming) it is often used in business and therapy and is about refocusing the self talk therefore improving productivity.


Another is cbt (cognitive behavioural therapy) basically considering you thoughts, feelings and behaviours how these effect the world around you and yourself.


As time passes ever so quickly, and life has a habit of biting my ass! I find reflection a good tool for moving forward.

Sometimes I take a day or night to just allow my self to refocus.

Blogging helps to do that too…

So I suppose the answer to how is trying lots of methods that work and find what works for u.

It’s a good to add Examination Redirection to the smart target to then make them smarter.

Basically I think it’s important to plan any project and break it down to smaller goals then evaluate and move forward.

So that’s what I have done!

One of the most important things is your network.

In a quest for self development we need to remember testing your self also tests those around, you may discover either your greatest supporter or the negative influences that you need to lose.

So if a person says you’ve changed say thank you because it means they see the progress your making.

And in answer to why now ?

Why not?

I have been considering, reflecting, researching methods and planning on paper what to do and how, spending at least five attempts at the fridge bound spider diagram.


I have a written a monthly plan with time dated goals to achieve bigger goals.

And if I fail at one it’s not failure it’s a chance to evaluate and redirect đŸ˜‰


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