Saying goodbye

It’s a difficult thing to do.

Because someone died or because someone doesn’t care for you In the way you want.

Either way there’s a pattern of grief.

Recently I lost a family member to cancer, she was at best a strong and and clever lady at worst a cantankerous old bugger, we shared, laughed and lived through good and bad times.

There were times I can honestly say her lack of brakes on her mouth and opinions were cruel and unwanted, she was however frequently true, yes that day I looked fat and the other one my hair was awful, my dress not appropriate for the day but I didn’t need or want to hear it. But she was entitled to her opinion I respect that she gave it honestly.

There were also those times when she had your back, she knew you struggled and she respected your fight even though she didn’t agree and if she did she let you know her support was with you and it made the resolve stronger.

She was the stalwart, matriarch of the family a legend in her own armchair.

I will miss her legendary one line comments.

I will miss her.

Rest well or give em hell Nana.

Much love



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