I’m thinking ….

That pretty much explains my blogging over the past few weeks!

Honestly there’s an awful lot I could and should of written but I didn’t want to ?

Since removing my hair the swing I have sat on has careered from one high to low to another with epic speed and confusion….

So much so I wonder at Samson and Delia story, my hair was not my strength but I did use it as a tool to hide behind, weird bright red hair is hardly un noticeable but it’s a focus point I chose.

Anyway it’s growing, some are supportive some aren’t !

I have confirmed places now in the great Yorkshire run, Birmingham half and a charity place in the great north run just hoping and praying the big one is accepted and I will have the complete success 🙂

I am walking the race for life in honour of my nan who lost her cancer fight, next Sunday.

Her funeral is Monday.

I am busy about to help prep for the wake. And two hectic busy family days of grieving, celebrating remembering and supporting each other. Followed by an awful emotional personal day that I really am not looking forward too.

This is where I need my wits and energy focused on my kids and family.

So I have called a total phone, message and internet shut down not to upset anyone or exclude them but to reset and focus.

Quiet time to reflect on what’s feeding, supporting, encouraging and what isn’t !

Here’s to the future see u on the flip side.


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