Ouchy !

Auto immune conditions often come in flares and stop a while to play with the person.

My eldest is in the middle of this cycle and yesterday visited the gp, in fact saw two gps, they sent her to the hospital emergency Dermo team, they ermmed and ahhhed and generally didn’t know what to do, glad we saw the experts !

Basically after three weeks of infection antibiotics, a chronic infected in grown toe has now developed on top of skin infection and there answer is no antibiotics, try more steriod creams and see another podiatrist and so the meltdown began…..

To be fair I don’t blame her for six months we have wavered from one consultant to another visited gps and been given conflicting information tried allsorts and my house is like boots the chemist and still this



Anyone suggesting aloe Vera or natural diet beware tried and done, in fact she reacted really badly to aloe,

anyway I understand ezcema allergies and intolerances are one of her chronic illnesses and this is life long but for her mental health could anyone give her a small amount of consistency or understanding.

The amount of people who look and say it’s only ezcema or can’t she stop scratching, including the trainee gp at the emergency appointment, really should try a thousand mossy bites and not scratch or feel ill.

The skin is the largest organ our bodies have and at present there is barely an area not effected significantly.

It hurts.

So no surprise a meltdown occurs

After meltdown

the standard suggestion was do you recieve any support for managing these conditions from the psychology service, mostly because they flapped and ran away not knowing how to deal with her in distress, note to them a hint of confidence in your skills might help as throwing your hands in the air and saying I don’t know, doesn’t give her confidence.

So the answer is simple, no, at present we have swung between locum consultants with bad English and a psychology service that sees asd/ADHD needs specialist help so refer back and forth, a pain team that refer out but don’t help so realistically an nt would struggle. Basically having been told if she took an overdose by first locum they could justify the support, psychology services don’t have the funding they don’t have the staff and I don’t have any more money to pay for private treatment to support her.

Rock – hard place – rock busy desperately attempting blood transfusion from stone to stone!

In the meantime I get to watch her suffer and be her beating block for the pain relief.

Honestly I understand the frustration the Dermo team have we have exhausted this second immune suppressant but how many more things does she have to take or do surely there’s an answer in all this.

We control diet
Use ointment etc…..

This is the weekly pill pot remains


Surely someone out there can look at her as a whole person stop referring out and help ?

New project it would seem research another option !

Cause I don’t have anything else to do


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