WARNING – Drama queen alert!

These past few weeks have been hellish to say the least, so much more traumatic than normal, from watching several members of the family suffer at the hands of their own bodies, to a horrendous holiday, a tearful funeral followed by a close family, kind friends farewell wake, and finishing with being made to feel like the lowest worthless piece of scum ever today by a flawed system.

It’s like sitting on a manure roller coaster heading for a shower in hell.

I could really do with feeling less emotional and more Borg !

Damn the fictitious wiring!

And my need for support.

Honestly considering all my poor mum and brother have been through recently with my nan they have been absolutely there for me and mine.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to pull people together.

So very proud of my brother and his strength and support of our mum !

I can’t thank him enough or say how pleased I was when he rescued me from the BBQ even if he burnt my sausages to charcoal at the wake.

Or watching out for my girls or the dogs recently.

To be fair it hasn’t been all bad and in the light of a few calm days and a good dose of antibiotics and steriods for my eldest things will no doubt settle in to the normal roller coaster
Of medications, prompts,reminders and meltdowns!

In the mean time I have had a good snivel and whinge.


So screw you world, challenge accepted !


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