Reblog: Relationsh*t

I found this to be quite a good look at the fast and furious ideals in relationships of our time,

the Disney happy ever after effect of high expectations and very little comprise and work ethic.

Everyone wants it their own way, and forgets a relationship is physical, emotional and intellectually challenging, it’s about working out what your willing to put up with, and accepting that you can’t have everything your own way unless your a selfish narc. Or spoilt child.

So yes people choose to chase the next exciting thing before leaving the last behind because they are lazy and disrespectful, cheating starts in the mind and is a choice no one needs to make and is never the fault of the soon to be ex partner it’s the fault of the person that chooses to over step the boundaries.

If a person can’t work at a long term relationship without boosting there ego elsewhere, don’t have one I say.

Remembering the past and glad to have moved on !

The Fickle Heartbeat

Shared by MpumiD

So, yesterday, I’m talking to my boy Thembi, and I kid you not he says “Haha nah, dawg, u should post on relationships. You’ll destroy the 5 year ones as well”

So now I’m sitting here wondering, what could I possibly say that could destroy a five year relationship? now It IS NOT my aim to destroy your, my or anyone else’s relationship… Yet I have come to notice a growing trend of this happening around me.

So I decided to step back and look at the possible reasons. The main one I see: WES.


It’s the Wondering Eye Syndrome. That thing that guys and girls alike both despise and indulge. This whole age of instant messaging, speedy downloads and one click living have created a need for instant gratification that is slowly eroding away our ability as people to interact. We often see something we…

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