The Route

The Route

Having arrived at newcastle universities prisoner cell block h, complete with painfully high heating, no lock toilet and a pretty student aroma.

We tried to settle in our cells.

Having said that the beauty of the campus shone through.




The free wash kit and bag caused a lot of excitement, and was a welcome surprise!

We carbed up at Frankie and bennies ( oh the torture )


Wrapped in compression socks and elevation I put my sore legs and chest to bed and attempted sleep.


So by six am.

Strapped up, sun cream on, pain relief ready, we set of all geared up for breakfast with the elite.

I’m Not sure the elite were ready for a tutu wearing orange umpa lumpa, but it seem to amuse and a lot of smiles brighten such a scary early morning !

Breakfast was surprisingly good, selection if pretty much anything you wanted and ace coffee.

Sat watching the elite discussing aims and times, the nerves bubbled.

Aiming for completion !

Told the Diver guy takes three days so I have till Tuesday to finish !


Having decided not to call any of these challenges a run or a race, due to the shear terror images either word induces into my head.

I am a completer not a competitor !

So we call this ‘little’ walk

And any future ones,


Now known as….

The route.


The banana chink!

Was how we left the digs to find the start.

After a very long que for the toilets we joined another long que for the start.
1k to walk up to join the masses.

Then another to walk to the start line


We spent our queuing time inside the pen, with the smell of our peoples, not sweat but a mix of deep heat, tiger balm and a hint of ibuleve gel.

Spotting the costumes and amazing guys carrying everything including the kitchen sink or a fridge all in aid of charity, made the time pass.

After an hour and a half of waiting we set off….

Torture I needed a wee

Less than a minute in and I’m waiting by a toilet stop 😦

Poor Aisha ready to rock and watching crowds pass by

I was so annoyed at myself.

Finally off again

Two mins run two mins walk

By mile one my lungs were killing Nellie wasn’t sitting she was jumping about having a laugh…

By mile two I honestly thought I was going to die, every single cough and step was like torture.

I assume this is a wall

Couldn’t run so walked at the best pace I could, how do I hit a wall when I’m barely at any pace.

Every turn and extra incline was okay, it hurt, it creaked but I could walk and breath, still faster than being on the sofa, so that was ok

At 5k that was race for life I can do that….


After this we began playing a game of follow our people, we would see one of the fancy dress peoples and as long as they were in sight we were ok!

As it turned out we over took afew and had to pick new ones, the excitement when we caught up with the brave minion we saw in the que on the way into the stalls was ace !


At 10k that was Manchester and at that pace I could keep going I still had some legs…

Every person along the route was amazing from the children with bags of pennies to the teenagers on bikes who’d gone to the shop to buy water for the runners.

Can’t say how blown away I was, by all that the great newcastle residents gave in time, effort and kindness.

Hunger kicked in at mile 7, having already passed the gel grave yard, I ate more sport beans, then at around mile nine there was a lady who had baked sausage rolls, and brought bananas for runners, that was the best sausage roll I have ever had.

Between mile seven and eight we were told to watch out for arthritis research uk team supporters, we were disappointed, there was no sign of them, thinking they had packed up and gone home, it was great to see them closer to mile ten, still there 🙂

After mile ten something pinged in clubby and it stang and tingled it’s way in to the end.

Those last five yards were from road to grass and as we trotted in I felt my toenails catch and well the result was toenail bed blisters …..

But we got a medal

And it was still Sunday

Very happy to have made to the end.




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