It’s easy to look at a situation or a person,

With rose glasses.

Build pictures in your head.

Acceptance of What you thought ,

What you wanted to be real

and what is real,

Is difficult.

It can hurt as much as the belief in fictional words spoken or images you created.

So then Moving forwards

It means leaving behind what wasn’t there.

Doesn’t stop the hurt ,

doesn’t change a thing, just alters the perspective.

Trust in who you are.

Believe where you have been and what you have done.

You can only be you

You are worthy!



I’m not the most patient person !

So sitting waiting for the ballot results in the post is really quite stressful.

Realise if I fail to get in it’s not world ending.

I know that Arthritis research uk has my golden bond form and they have been really positive about it but this not knowing is really not nice 😦

Nursing bruised feet still not heeled from using a cheaper alternative trainer in the gnr, warned not to do sheffield and let it heal but went ahead anyway ( cause clearly I know better…)

I want to know the training is heading in the right place.

So fingers crossed.