Considering the dojo

Or more likely terrified by it !

I miss it but honestly can think how to manage the bag holding and press ups when the combination tore my muscle and it’s taken 18 mins to recover nearly all the use back!

Suggestions welcomed….

Whilst thinking, following and watching….

My bestie a black belt in another discipline found this blocking break down ….



Happy days

So Thursday’s class makes four lessons, three runs and three walks I appear to have not done the raffle yet but I am getting there 🙂

A lovely friend and her daughter joined us to try out the class…

Go figure that sensei Steve decides tonight he needs to ramp the fitness levels up but to be fair to us he offered options –

group a – volunteers to do 10 of every exercise

Group b – 8 of each one!

Group c – 6 of every one hollered at the class!

Nearly everyone choose group a so reluctantly I did too I know I need to push myself ! But I saw my friend volunteering too and really wanted to say hey try a lower band but I was impressed at her commitment 🙂

Ten of everything – pushups, fist pushups, apex push ups, clapping push ups, sit ups, v sits, sprawls, gun drills…..

Yup cue screamy legs and shoulder !

Still I tried encouraging myself and friend but I think it’s difficult to seem enthusiastic when your body is offended 😉

After the core warm up on to tech and pad drills which I actually am beginning to enjoy 🙂

Watching the newbie ruth was actually good six months ago that was me and she really tried because that class was hard work it was quite intimidating!

I worried alot that, when I came out of my first classes if it wasn’t for The positivity of my running friends I would never have wanted to go back !
It hurts, I felt useless, unfit, unco ordinated and like it would never get better, if I am honest I still do sometimes ! Not as often though !

I really hope that she didnt feel like that!

We have agreed to help motivate each other to get fitter ……

The plan is….more dog walks and gym sessions in the pipe line 🙂

Putting the cold to rest….

After a week of hospital appointments, flapping round blowing snot bubbles, creaking joints and resembling Rudolph, I finally felt I had turned a corner!

The eldest had a dinner date with the first boy friend and his family, the littlest a trip to his mates birthday party so the middle one was the only one to take a buddy to the clubs bring a buddy night, still it was a good turn out and it looked like alot of fun!!!

Best of all – my new gi arrived with my shiny new name on too 🙂 happy days!!

Watching the adults and teens was of course fun, especially as the middle one always looks so happy and alittle to effortless 🙂

They did a mix of core skills, break falls and flips my favourite thing !

Aiming for the floor is a talent 😉

Still as I was billy no mates this evening I didn’t get to play and chose to do alittle jog round with the ladies before the class started.

Not a bad effort for us I think, it took a while to get started and I felt really good on the first and third long interval, the second had to be a stretch with the wind in my face and no air in my lungs, I was glad to hear the other ladies asking when the bleep would go, not sure i could of chatted about it but happy i wasnt alone, I looked at the training screen and another forty seconds to go, telling them thirty and closing my eyes those seconds took longer than I wanted but after that the next intervals felt strangely easier….

Returning to the club I felt quite triumphant… And sure this weeks trial run would be ok !

Such a successful evening all round, as little one returned from his party happy and we had smiley faces all round !

Returning home to a smelly pup and empty house was alittle worrying though, the eldest had not returned or called for the lift, as expected, so there followed many unanswered calls, worry and stress till we went and fetched her !

The problem – she was inconsiderate at best !!

but safe !

And that was what is important!!

Omg bleep test …..

So question is ?

Was the bleep test really so named because when it bleeps its to cover the sound of swearing??

Having watched Harry make 11 something look effortless I would say not….

Having taken part. And failed to get either lung to work past the third level I am absolutely sure if I could breathe I would swear !!!!

I was really cross and disappointed in my efforts and completely sure I didn’t push myself beyond my limits mentally my head wasn’t in it from the start so it’s obvious why the rest of me didn’t !!!

So new bitesize aim is 5.5 !