Five tins of paint and the broom handle !

How can a stair hallway take five cans of paint to complete and the most bizarre array of broom handles and paint pads !

It’s crazy I am still fighting with it !!!


Black, white, blue ….. Bored now!!!!!

Half way down and the glossing smell was everywhere and the edges made using masking tape look dreadful 😦

Still the first coat of ‘a touch of dramatic’ paint went on with the help of a little helper !

She even helped to tape the two extendable poles together in fact I have to say her bright chirpy attitude was very helpful 🙂

Even though she was resting ! She does that like me, not for long and with something to do 😉 but that’s okay

But Thursday has arrived and it’s still not finished !!

Eek !

Carpet fitters came and left a huge mess so after a clean up I can kind of see where it’s going ! Still another bit to do yet though :/

20121115-111022 PM.jpg

50 shades of blue and the tale of the missing Pink compression socks


20121014-103743 AM.jpg

I have finally finished painting all three rooms but it’s safe to say I am fifty shades of blue and no doubt will be for the foreseeable future as the colours are to be similar up the stairs and hallway !

My hair has a bald cap of chalk blue texture paint with gloss white random tips which I have tried in vain so far to remove still streaks of blue are bound to show up on red hair !!!

Never mind all I can think is if I haven’t finished and atleast while I am climbing about on my plank to paint the stairs I will have a hat 🙂

With all the furniture and bits everywhere for the Decorating bug to disappear it seems to have eaten my neon pink socks :/

Compression socks my new favorite accessory,suggested by an internet friend have really changed the way clubby performs although it’s swollen again several times it’s better still clubby with a life of its own I am beginning to wonder if the swelling is endo related suppose I might not know anytime soon !

I have added a really brill post on compression socks that gives a reasonable view on the usage although at the moment I am seen sporting them most days which is great as long as I don’t lose them because I get distracted by something and shove them in the medicine cabinet

:-/ mystery solved no bug just dopey me again!