It’s easy to look at a situation or a person,

With rose glasses.

Build pictures in your head.

Acceptance of What you thought ,

What you wanted to be real

and what is real,

Is difficult.

It can hurt as much as the belief in fictional words spoken or images you created.

So then Moving forwards

It means leaving behind what wasn’t there.

Doesn’t stop the hurt ,

doesn’t change a thing, just alters the perspective.

Trust in who you are.

Believe where you have been and what you have done.

You can only be you

You are worthy!



I’m not the most patient person !

So sitting waiting for the ballot results in the post is really quite stressful.

Realise if I fail to get in it’s not world ending.

I know that Arthritis research uk has my golden bond form and they have been really positive about it but this not knowing is really not nice 😦

Nursing bruised feet still not heeled from using a cheaper alternative trainer in the gnr, warned not to do sheffield and let it heal but went ahead anyway ( cause clearly I know better…)

I want to know the training is heading in the right place.

So fingers crossed.


Route recovery


Clubby raised it’s game and refused to allow a shoe for a couple of days


To add insult to injury three blistered toe nails burst and leaked every day for three gross days.

So buying a beautiful sexy pair of flip flops, I hobbled about after the kids, suffice to say the flip flops barely made it through the week……

After three days the nail on one big toe was no longer attached by a lot more than a tiny corner and was like walking around with a foreign body on my toes actually preferred the pain of swelling exploding and leaking blisters.


So as the shopping arrived and my foot connected with something off came the most of the nail….

Que a gross picture


And as an ex boyfriend said

well my foot modelling days have long gone so it shouldn’t matter!

Ok Online Dating…

Having dabbled in online dating I can really relate to this, amusing one liners or odd requests it seems normal and honest aren’t that forthcoming in the online world ….

Cue out of date photo stories or the man who needed a stranger to sit in the room whilst he played naturalist, yes the did really happen!

I have I belief in being honest and up front when online but truthfully it never works ….

The Fickle Heartbeat

ok online dating

Shared by Sylvia.

Online dating is a bit like steak tartare these days – love it or hate it, it’s on the menu. For some it’s the main dish, for others, something they return to in times of famine. And then there are those like me, who view it as a once off taste test, just to say we’ve had the experience. Most people I know have tried it at least once, with varying degrees of success. The spectrum ranges from dating horror stories, to happy couples who are still a bit loath to admit they met this way, to the proselytizing extremists, who insist it is the way, the truth and the life.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the virtual approach to meeting a mate. It’s partly the taboo and stereotype that only losers and freaks who can’t cut it in real life encounters need…

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Post route, first day eeks!

So I woke up at six, no clubby and the howlers hollering at the early hours !

Must of been tired !

Thinking I shouldn’t move I stayed still listening for any snap, crackle or pop, I curled and stretched like a cat and was pleasantly surprised I didn’t creak any more than after the 10k I did with plenty of training 🙂

There was a gentle pressure in my toes and tweek in my right foot, not a shock.

Turning and putting my feet down resulted in a bit of a surprise !


A bruise that doesn’t hurt and in a place that hasn’t bothered me, well the bottom of the foot had so it must of leaked upwards 😉

With an added bonus

Both big toes had blisters under the nail, not too bad.

I could walk, talk and breath….

A bonus 😉

I strapped the foot and compressed the calves (quicker recovery I have found and less swelling)

By lunch time the the pressure was building..

I had to say the lactic acid build up was too, so a stretch and rub down was needed.

After the second school run. The blisters were peeking out of the topof my nail.

Oooo attractive!

By tea time….

I Had to relieve the pressure of the blisters under my toe nails, atleast I know where some of the mountains of water went that I drank other than sweat 😉

Looks like I’ll have one and a half less toenails :/

Clubby has effectively covered the bruising and looks chubbier than ever.

Personally I think I came off lightly so many casualties by the side of the road.

Very grateful I wasn’t one !