Dearest clubby and the howlers

Thanku for the deepest reaches of my heart.
I can breathe, just !
Nellie tried to squish me at mile two and nine but failed.
It hurts but I can walk
You allowed me to complete
I am not a competitor
I am a completitor
Heart felt thanks


Post route, first day eeks!

So I woke up at six, no clubby and the howlers hollering at the early hours !

Must of been tired !

Thinking I shouldn’t move I stayed still listening for any snap, crackle or pop, I curled and stretched like a cat and was pleasantly surprised I didn’t creak any more than after the 10k I did with plenty of training 🙂

There was a gentle pressure in my toes and tweek in my right foot, not a shock.

Turning and putting my feet down resulted in a bit of a surprise !


A bruise that doesn’t hurt and in a place that hasn’t bothered me, well the bottom of the foot had so it must of leaked upwards 😉

With an added bonus

Both big toes had blisters under the nail, not too bad.

I could walk, talk and breath….

A bonus 😉

I strapped the foot and compressed the calves (quicker recovery I have found and less swelling)

By lunch time the the pressure was building..

I had to say the lactic acid build up was too, so a stretch and rub down was needed.

After the second school run. The blisters were peeking out of the topof my nail.

Oooo attractive!

By tea time….

I Had to relieve the pressure of the blisters under my toe nails, atleast I know where some of the mountains of water went that I drank other than sweat 😉

Looks like I’ll have one and a half less toenails :/

Clubby has effectively covered the bruising and looks chubbier than ever.

Personally I think I came off lightly so many casualties by the side of the road.

Very grateful I wasn’t one !



May challenges

Now that may has come to an end it’s time to wrap up May fundraising and challenges !

Started a just giving page for arthritis research uk !

And met with the local representative to discuss plans.

Asked stealth black belt academy for support.

Paid for race 4 life entry, and London marathon ballot also applied for a golden bond place for arthritis research uk.

Completed a 4 day juicing detox.

Completed 4 work tasks for donations-3 trousers altered and a doll weighted for a fabulous box of chocolates for the raffle.

Began blogging specifically about the challenges for this !

Shaved off all my hair for awareness and fundraising 🙂

Owed to a sausage….

One of four challenges for the 39 steps to 40 is to improve my dietary habits!

Being overweight and unfit means, I have been making some bad choices, some I will find easy to live without and others probably not 🙂

So I kick started healthy eating by completing a four day detox !

I used some of these recipes and afew I found on the internet.


My youngest daughter wanted to support me in this first challenge too and because she has a severe nut allergy we avoided the almond contents.

I expected a lot of caffeine withdrawal issues and Abit of hunger but I was not expecting the total craving for meat most predominantly sausages!


So after squashed breakfast and green tea and lemon.



There was plenty of water and more squash fruit and veg !

By day two’s end my daughter needed a real meal and I understood the need to eat normally, so I ate most of the ingredients of the next juice instead of blending it down!

We did the same the next two days and she had proper grub and I stuck to the list of fruit,veg and water !

Sadly the meat cravings were the worst and began dreaming of sausages and bacon.

So to love a sausage that’s not odd right?

I haven’t a clue how to cope with 4 weeks as a vegetarian, one of the 4 food challenges in this year.

Saturday morning came and a grill up of meat was sorted!

It was yum !

But I was mortified at leaving a sausage because after all that craving I couldn’t manage more than one :/

But there’s a BBQ later too.

Sure I’ll work my way through !

Do I feel different ?

Disappointedly not as much as I thought…..
I haven’t used weight as a calculating factor either as I haven’t weighed myself yet !

Am I surprised by the lack if coffee craving ?

Most definately…..
And I will go decaf and more water as that wasn’t hellish. But no coffee forever isn’t likely !

The meat issue ! I think juicing will stay with me for a meal a day maybe too and but protein content needs reviewing. Especially if I use this to help in training.

Big bonus the kids like fruit and veg juices !!!! Whoop whoop!!

So first experiment in diet challenges all done !!! I still love food and sausages it would seem but I cracked it!

You can help me raise money for this great cause by donating directly to my fundraising page –
JustGiving sends your donation straight to Arthritis Research UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.
Thank you for your support!

Big fundraising pow wow

My chosen cause for fundraising this year is arthritis research uk, and all events in the 39 steps to 40 over the next yr will be targeted towards raising awareness, funds and maybe some personal growth.

I have been trying to set up a just giving page and although I thought myself techno savvy three attempts and not yet functioning :/

After giving up that for a while, I decided to contact the charity to request some support, not a huge deal for most folk but part of the steps.
My fiercely independent nature means I rarely ask for help but for personal growth I need to get over it.
So the call was made and I was introduced to a lovely lady called Emma, the leicestershire representative for my charity.

Who says strangers can’t be amazing, she was just the positive bouncy reinforcement I needed when I spoke to her on the phone, no matter how much self doubt and negative nannies words creep in I am sure she will be in my corner whoop whooping !!!!

This morning I have a big pow wow the first of a few, I hope! To discuss the kick start of my project
hair today gone tomorrow and all future runs, blogs and general craziness.

I am excited and nervous because this stranger and her cause, will be a large part of my life for the next twelve months. It’s important to me, this goes well, almost like a job interview.

And it’s a commitment to raising four grand :/

It may be a mere drop in the ocean in research funding but every drop in a puddle serves to allow it to ripple and grow 🙂